The twelfth house symbolizes the end of a cycle, and the source of what is to come as we begin again — the unknown and uncertain yet inevitable; that which is soon to be revealed ...

It was November 2019, and two veterans of the Los Angeles dark electronic music milieu embarked on a new experimental project in a downtown bunker basement. A strategy was conceived that placed great importance on spontaneity, and simplicity: the production would consist of just two custom percussion rigs and two microphones — with which various electronic treatments would be blended. Each track would be written, improvised upon and recorded in a single session. Live sessions began in December, and soon developed into a soundscape of apocalyptic themes woven into a dark rhythmic tapestry — that unknowingly presaged the shadow about to descend upon the world.  As the reality of life under a pandemic arrived in Los Angeles and the city went into unprecedented lockdown several weeks later, the live sessions were concluded and the first work-in-progress mixes assembled.

Now isolated in the quarantine of the post-production studio, TWELFTH.HOUSE is currently refining a set of tracks for a Fall 2020 album release.


TWELFTH.HOUSE Sessions: December 2019 - March 2020 | Live Session / Work in Progress Mixes, Set 1